At 86, opera director and choreographer Rhoda Levine struggles to understand her legacy and finds it lives on in the careers of those she has guided.
With principle footage "in the can", the Director, Producers and Crew have embarked on the post-production phase of the project. Filming across all four seasons in New York City and beyond, the Director, David Williams, and his crew have pulled back the curtain on this extraordinary, influential life to reveal Rhoda's accomplishments, joys, loves, regrets and restless progressive world view.
We spend time in Rhoda's acting class, prowl around her memento-packed Greenwich Village home and view some of her most important opera productions, both here and abroad. And, of course, we sit down with many of the luminaries of her rarefied, cultural circle. Composers, performers, designers... all exuberant in their "bravi" for a life well spent.
Directing Rhoda: the Arts of Living, the film's working title, has attracted a dedicated, enthusiastic and generous following of supporters. Benefiting from the tax-deductible status of the film's fiscal sponsorship through the prestigious Independent Filmmaker Project, Inc. in Brooklyn, New York, donors have carried the financial freight that has powered deep-dish research on Rhoda's career, along with filming this important life.
To them we express our sincere appreciation. And to those just arriving at the project we thank you for coming! And welcome you to this wonderful, felicitous and inspiring story of "an uncommon woman"
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The Friends of Rhoda J. Levine
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